Raahe Maritime Festival

Raahe Maritime Festival – The splendour of a seaside town and old-time markets  

Time of the next event: 15–16 July 2022

Location: Seafront area of the Packhouse Museum/Rantatori, address Rantakatu 37, 92100 Raahe.   

Fairs have been held on the shores of Raahe at the same locations for centuries, as ships used to arrive from overseas, carrying all manner of exotic wares. To signify that a ship was entering the fairway leading to the town, a flag was hoisted on the pooki lightless beacon tower and the fire watchman in the church belfry passed on the message “Pooki Flakkaa”, indicating that the flag had been raised. It did not take long for the entire town to rush to the shore to welcome the arriving ship.  

To this day, the same “pooki” markers (lightless beacon towers) stand proudly on the islands of Iso-Kraaseli and Tasku off the shore of Raahe.  

At the Komerssi market fair, you can sense the excitement of the old-time fairs and admire the vendors wearing their finest costumes and the market stalls decorated in traditional ways.    

Each year, a range of fascinating ships are docked by the museum for visitors to admire. Some of them provide the opportunity to climb aboard. You can visit the award-winning Raahe archipelago on boats and cruises arranged by local operators.  

The history of the seaside town comes to life during the event through fascinating demonstrations based on the Age of Sail. Utility items are forged from iron, rope is woven using methods from the 19th century, wool yard is dyed in hot cauldrons, and so on. Experts in traditional crafts will be hard at work through the entire event and will be happy to talk about the different stages of their work.  

The Sea Adventure of Lalli and Sikke  will provide children with a fun adventure trail that will make the summer day fly by. The youngsters will get to perform a variety of enjoyable tasks that will also improve their physical ability, balance and precision, among other things. 

The warmth of the sun and the scent of the sea breeze create an enchanting embrace that serves as a perfect setting for meeting friends and enjoying time together. The atmosphere harkens back to the 19th century Age of Sail. There is plenty to see, do and experience on land and at sea throughout the weekend.  

Join us in the seaside festivities!  

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